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No-Shave Hair Transplant

No Shave Hair Transplant 3

The most important and most natural accessory of both men and women is hair, the part that gives expression to our face and changes our posture. However, many factors such as genetic structure, health problems, hormonal disorders cause hair loss. Hair loss, which is seen as thinning of hair or shedding of a region completely, affects the psychology of people badly. With unshaven hair transplantation, people can have hair transplantation and find solutions to their hair loss problems.

In hair transplantation, this method is preferred to protect the external appearance of the person while the procedure is completed. Typically, this method is used for transplants that do not transfer many follicles. Unshaven hair transplantation is a method that is frequently preferred for partial hair loss in the front line, only in the crown area and various points of the head or in general sparse hair loss. This technique cannot be used for hair transplantation in large areas where many hair follicles are used. In order to perform unshaven hair transplantation, first of all, the hair root, the area to be transplanted and the structure of the hair must be examined. This method may not be suitable for procedures that will use more than 3,000 hair follicles.

Two different methods are generally used in the unshaven hair transplant procedure. These are partial shaved hair transplant and unshaven hair transplant procedures.

  • Partially Shaved Hair Transplantation: The number of grafts used in completely unshaven hair transplantation should be less than 1000. In addition, the thinness of the human hair and the small planting area make the process much easier.
  • Unshaven Hair Transplantation: Regardless of the method used in unshaved hair transplantation, first the roots are collected and placed through an open channel in the area to be transplanted. Finally, it is done by performing various applications that will complete the hair transplantation and start the healing process.

In both methods, needles of different diameters specially designed according to the hair type are used. Using these needles, the hair follicles are taken from the desired place and placed in the area to be planted. The needles used in hair transplantation differ from person to person.

Since the process is performed on long hair, there is no difference in appearance. By not shaving, the natural appearance of the hair will not deteriorate and it will not need to grow again. Shortly after transplantation, almost all traces of hair transplantation will disappear in about 7-10 days and the hair will start to appear naturally. Since the number of roots to be used and the area to be planted are limited, the healing process is much faster. At the same time, it is a procedure that can be easily preferred for women. Especially in women, when planting with this method, there will be very limited changes in the appearance, as the planting area is covered with other hair.

Just like in other applications, natural and lush hair appearance is aimed in unshaven hair transplantation.

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